I was introduced to greenteaHAWAII by a friend. At the time, I was drinking an energy drink each morning that had 180mg of caffeine, so I was very skeptical to try the tea. Not only does it taste great (pineapple strawberry is my favorite!), but the energy it gives me is amazing. My head feels more clear and it feels like a more smooth energy, not jittery at all. Plus, when the "afternoon drag" would start, it's mild enough to have another one to keep you going. I just LOVE it!

Angel C.


I’ve taken greenteaHAWAII on and off for several months now. At first I was not very consistent with the product but once I decided to use it everyday I noticed a major difference in how I felt. Days I forgot my drinks I felt bloated, unhealthy and relatively unmotivated. The days I do take my drinks, however, I feel slimmer, more confident, and ready for the day.

Tressa A.